Continuing my posts of XMPP and VoIP (Openfire + Asterisk) integration, and after AstDemo tests, it’s time to release its source code to allow others to use its features and maybe create new commands and functionalities.

AstDemo was developed in Python and require a few libs to run (xmpppy, pyst e psycopg2). You will need a running Asterisk 11 (or later) with XMPP support and a running Openfire Server with ServerInfo Plugin too.

In this first public release, AstDemo has the following features:

  • Calls: call to a specific number and plays tt-monkeys file when call is answered. This feature demands some permissions to run. Read more in CALLS.txt file.
  • Show (basic) informations of Asterisk and Openfire servers.
  • Show SIP peers.
  • Show IAX peers.
  • Show (basic) informations of a SIP peer.
  • Enable or disable the callerid xmpp message on received calls to extension.
  • Monitor SIP or IAX peers.
  • Monitor queues.
  • Show your monitoring items.

If you have Asterisk Realtime enabled, you’ll have some extra features:

  • Show user informations.
  • Enable/disable or show status of Do Not Disturb.
  • Send a message to all members of a queue.
  • Join a queue.
  • Leave a queue.
  • Show queue informations (members and statistics).
  • Call a SIP extension and transfer it to your extension when answered.

AstDemo is available at GitHub, and I hope it helps its development, specially if more people join this project. Download AstDemo here or access project page on Github.

If you are interested in help AstDemo development, please contact me.

And, if you just want to use it, feel free, but please leave your comments and suggestion in this page.

Read AstDemo page for more informations.

See you!

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