Updated: 2015/08/30 12:08PM (UTC-3)

B9 plugin was created to make Openfire (version 3.10.0 or later – a version compatible with Openfire >= 3.8.0 is available here) administration faster, allowing sysadmins to perform tasks directly from their preferred xmpp client.


You can upload B9 in plugins page of Openfire  web console admin. To update to the latest plugin version you can upload the new plugin without remove the old one.

Plugin utilization

To use B9  plugin you need to add b9@adminbot.yourjabberdomain to your roster and send messages to it. Valid commands are:

  • anonymous login: get the configuration of anonymous login.
  • anonymous login disable: disable anonymous login.
  • anonymous login enable: enable anonymous login.
  • c2s compression: get the configuration of c2s compression.
  • c2s compression disable: disable c2s compression.
  • c2s compression enable: enable c2s compression.
  • create conference <room_name> [members]: create a new conference room and send invitations to members (JIDs separated by commas), if informed.
  • free memory: get free available memory to the jvm.
  • group members <group name>: get the list of members of a group.
  • help: get list of available commands.
  • invite conference <room_name> members: send invitations to members (JIDs separated by commas)
  • java version: get Java version.
  • list conferences: get the list of conference rooms.
  • list groups: get the list of groups.
  • max memory: get maximum available memory to the jvm.
  • online users: get the number of online users.
  • openfire version: get Openfire version.
  • openfire host: get Openfire hostname.
  • openfire uptime: get Openfire last started time.
  • s2s compression: get the configuration of s2s compression.
  • s2s compression disable: disable s2s compression.
  • s2s compression enable: enable s2s compression.
  • s2s config:get the configuration of s2s.
  • s2s config disable: disable s2s.
  • s2s config enable: enable s2s.
  • s2s blacklist: get the s2s blacklist.
  • s2s blacklist add <jabberdomain>: add jabberdomain to s2s blacklist.
  • s2s blacklist del <jabberdomain>: remove jabberdomain from s2s blacklist.
  • s2s blacklist disable: disable s2s blacklist.
  • s2s blacklist enable: enable s2s blacklist.
  • s2s whitelist: get the s2s whitelist.
  • s2s whitelist add <jabberdomain> [port]: add jabberdomain to s2s whitelist.
  • s2s whitelist del <jabberdomain>: remove jabberdomain from s2s whitelist.
  • s2s whitelist disable: disable s2s whitelist.
  • s2s whitelist enable: enable s2s whitelist.
  • server sessions: get the number of incoming server sessions.
  • total memory: get total available memory to the jvm.
  • total users: get the number of total users.
  • used memory: get used memory by the jvm.
  • user info <user name>:  get user informations.
  • version: get B9 plugin version

Connection via socket

After version 0.3 you can open a connection on localhost port 4456 (default values) and send the same messages to obtain data.

To use socket connections you must enable the feature in plugin configuration page on console admin (default is disabled). In the same page you can change default port and ip address for binding.

Access restrictions

XMPP Messages: Only JIDs listed as admins can send XMPP messages to B9 plugin.

Socket Connections: If you are using socket connections, first you have to login with your password (defined in plugin configuration page on console admin). You just need to send the command:

login secret

Where secret is your defined password. After login you can send the same messages that you use in XMPP.

Known Issues

  • Adding servers to s2s whitelist or blacklist does not validate hostname as a valid name or valid IP address (same Openfire  behaviour).


  • Webservices.


You can download B9 plugin version 0.3.1 directly from Mundo Open Source. But if you are using Openfire >= 3.8.0, download b9 version 0.3 here.


Changelog information is available here.

Source Code

Source code is hosted on GitHub and it is available in this link (GPL v2.0).


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